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Professional in-house translators. Native speakers of both source and target languages. Website translations directly in HTML code. From general business to IT, finance, legal, or manufacturing industry, you name the field, we have the work done.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us


Professional Translators

From pros to pros. Our corporate staff are all highly-qualified translators with hands-on experience working for Japanese leading firms and manufacturers.


Revolutionary Technology

Empowering human-machine collaboration. We let humans translate the way only they can do, and leave the checking to machines, faster and more accurate.

On-target Guidance

Accurate Counseling

Thoughtful and on-target guidance. Our managers handling your inquiries are also well-experienced translators, proofreaders and graphic&web designers.

Our translators

Our strengths >> ①

Well-bred Professionals

Unlike car drivers, there is no licensing for translators. In other words, anyone can become a translator. This is something that causes large gap in translation quality.

Then how do highly-skilled translators grow? They resemble much to craftspersons: translators-to-be shape up their craft while working (OJT) with more skilled and established translators.

At Frontier, we don’t ride with amateurs!

High-quality translations are guaranteed by highly experienced and trained translators who have honed their skills on the sites of Japan’s largest manufacturers, and have been endorsed by many clients.

Knowing The Difference Is How We Make The Difference

Translations That Make a Difference

It’s no news that coming up with a great product (or service) draws along many hardships to overcome. In order to entirely convey the attractiveness of a product you toiled so hard for, every single word that describes it is golden. Can you imagine how would your product be perceived if the text turns into some dull and trivial presentation when passed to other languages?

Our translators at Frontier have previously worked on the manufacturing side of product development, and know better than anyone the throes of creation. Moreover, alike manufacturers, our “craft” is for us the result of many concerted efforts and sweat too, so there is nothing more painful than watching our translation die with the product (or service) it describes. At Frontier, we start by fully understanding the features of your product (or service), and go on to build up a whole strategy that will firmly convey the message enclosed in the source text to your targeted audience. Because great translations back up successful branding stories.

Versatility Is What Makes Us Unrivaled

Multifaceted Services

Translation and desktop publishing (DTP) are inextricably linked. Just like when you buy new clothes and tailor them to fit you perfectly, a translated file will almost always require design and layout adjustment. Nonetheless, translation and DTP services are not only billed separately, but are also performed by different staff, which is overall inefficient.

By this time you’re probably thinking that our translators do also the formatting, right? You’re close but not completely right. Because we are not one, but two steps ahead. Our staff @ Frontier is three-sword fencer, that is project manager, translator, and formatting expert all in one. By having translators involved in the entire process of handling translation projects, we make sure client requests are accurately reflected both in content and shape of their purchase. It’s all hands on deck!

No Meaningless Website Translations

Translations That Make a Difference

Have you ever happened to request translation of a website, and to be asked for the source text in Word or Excel format? Having your website translated into a foreign language using other formats than the original HTML supposes considerable extra work and costs, because you need to pass contents in HTML code to other format before submitting them for translation, and then perform the other way-around once you receive the requested translation.

At Frontier, we use the latest technology that enables us to translate only the text of a web page, without harming, nor losing the design and code. This way, we make sure you get the job ready in less time and even save you money. Moreover, with less phases to wade through and people involved in the process, you will be surprised of how once unavoidable errors are actually avoided.
All these are possible because Frontier is made up of a highly technically skilled team of former web designers.

Translations Boosting Product Appeal

Our strengths >> ②

Revolutionary Technology

As with technological progress, translation input has evolved from simple handwriting, to typewriters, then keyboards displaying, for instance, a Word file. In other words, working methods have been in a constant process of coping with the needs of ever-changing times. Today we witness a period ruled by translation-assisting tools and computer checks.

Frontier delivers translations drawn fully upon a thoughtful and efficient process using cutting-edge technologies such as Trados, Xbench, or regular expressions.

All Wins Have Their Trump. We have Xbench.


Among the games we’ve all played as kids, how good are you at spotting the difference? If anyone told you to find in 1.5 seconds a couple hundred errors in a text 800 pages long and according to some 70 different rules, could you do it?
We can! By using Xbench, we can accurately and instantly check up hundreds of characters and words for spelling errors, wrong numbers, inconsistencies with expressions, terminology and style guide, just to name a few.


Finding A Needle In A Haystack Has Never Been Easier

How many of us find it necessary to remember, let’s say, what did we eat at breakfast last Thursday, unless our physician asks us? Unfortunately, things are not that simple when you’re a translator.

Translators need to be able to refer to their translation memory at any time. If they’re getting translation deals from the same client, the chances are there will be recurrent stretches of text and terminology that need to be translated in the same way as past work. However, in most cases, the text is translated entirely as a new one, whether because searching through translation records is too time-consuming, or the translator didn’t even realize the recurring unit. Diversity in terminology and text style causes deterioration of translation quality, and may even lead to misunderstanding on the customer side.

Xbench handles a wide range of input formats and huge amounts of data. It enables translators to make simultaneous searches in both source and target texts, and thus obtain higher-quality information. More insights accounts for better and more accurate renditions in translation.


Error-free In No Time

Most professionals agree that there is no such thing as an “exact translation.” Nevertheless, there are plenty of objective factors in assessing the quality of a translation, including consistency of expressions, right spelling, right numbers and tags, and so on. In general, translation agencies assign human translators to check every single one of these parameters with the bare eye. But humans are not perfect. Checking takes time, and as time goes by, the risk to overlook errors increases. Well then, how about leaving this task to machines?

On Xbench tool we only need to preset the parameters we want to check additionally, and we get the check done in a breeze and with zero oversights.

Making The Impossible Possible


While it only takes a simple [Search ___] command on a text editor to find a certain word or group of words, it takes a much more sophisticated search method to guarantee the quality of a translation.
For instance, a thorough check needs parameters combining source and target equivalences such as: [Search all other than ___], [All other than ___ as translation for ___], [All segments that contain ‘.’ in the source and the corresponding translation writes anything other than ‘。’], etc.

Such complex searches are possible thanks to the regular expressions used by Xbench. To put it simply, regular expressions are the kind of programming language that uses characters/letters as equations. Using characters/letters as variables (yes, indeed, those x and y all students of humanities dislike) allows us to make unlimited checks of all kind, which without doubt surpass humans’ possibility.

For us @ Frontier, making full use of regular expressions on Xbench means making no compromise in the quality of the translations we provide to our clients.

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Translation process and price vary depending on the original file. Our expert staff will be happy to provide the guidance you need.

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