All-Bilingual Team At Your Service

Expect no salespeople. We all are doers!No monolingual coordinators. We all are multitasking translators! Because Frontier breaks away from conventional and provides you with 100% human-powered first-hand language services.

Why choose us

The beginnings

It was in 2016 that a handful of linguistic experts, formerly working for some of Japan’s top leading manufacturers and advertising agencies, joined forces and expertise to create Frontier.
Three years later today, we stand proud of having served 250+ global businesses, local governments, organizations and individuals so far and counting.

One vision

By delivering value-added language services, Frontier helps you put your best footing in the language- and culturally-challenging Japan.

Our services

Translation remains at the heart of what we do, but our work now encompasses much more than that: we offer market research and consulting services, multilingual social networking, branding and digital strategies and solutions.

Considering Japan your next stop? At Frontier, we have our finger on the pulse of what’s currently hot and sells in Japan. We offer a 360° strategic support to tap Japanese market in one stop. Reach out! Our experts are eager to help you spread the word about your product or service effectively, in time and to the right people.

10 benefits of choosing Frontier

1. Professionally vetted in-house linguists

We are an all-translator ‘all-hands-on-deck’ team. We take pride of the authenticity of our services that combine native language skills with proven expertise in technical writing, web design, UI testing, digital marketing, and tourist guiding. No Japanese monolingual salesperson, no ‘middlemen’ (a.k.a. project managers or coordinators). Personalized services from in-house specialists ensuring that your investment is in the right hands.

2. You get more than just translation

Many can speak the language but few can address your foreign audience and create in them the same impression you do in your country by yourself. Frontier is one of those few! We are out-of-the-box thinkers constantly pushing the envelope of what a language service provider (LSP) can possible do for your business. We make sure you tick all the right boxes to attain a foothold in Japanese waters.

3. Trustworthiness proved through consistency in actions

Successful partnerships are built on trust, and building trust starts with being trustworthy. At Frontier, our in-house translators and designers interact directly with you to make sure that you’re getting the services right for your needs. As you return, we gain deeper insight into your preferences and grow more aware of your business specificity, culture and the challenges you face—all these ultimately leading to utmost customer satisfaction.

4. You get your money’s worth

Having your order handled 100% internally means you get higher quality at the same price or lower than with other companies that outsource their projects. In their case, the overall budget for the core activity (the actual service) is obviously reduced to cover managing processes (communication with client and subcontractors/suppliers). At Frontier, we don’t waste your money on such round-robins! We are self-standing, sharing information, insight and experience internally to produce outcomes you’ll simply know you’re getting your money’s worth from.

5. High data security

Frontier upholds confidentiality to the fullest extent. In an industry where it is no exaggeration to say that commissioning and sub-subcontracting are regular practices, we stay true to our in-house operating model. You can stay assured that, at Frontier, details of your product or service are kept a tight-lipped secret before and after launch.

6. First-hand advice

We are no yes-men. Unlike salespersons or coordinators, we have the on-site knowledge and experience to know our limitations and be honest about it with you. Have a project or just an idea in mind? Frontier draws on an extensive pool of collective expertise to answer your questions and guide you towards the best solution, even if that does not involve us in the end. No sales pitches, just the expertise you need first hand. Because informed people make wiser decisions!

7. Honest, ‘handmade’ services

Unlike machine translation or mainly outsourcing agencies, at Frontier, we do not shoehorn your business content into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Instead, we ‘handmade’ your message in Japanese in line with your corporate persona, goals, and end-user needs. What’s more, we truly share the enthusiasm for your endeavor, because embarking on this journey with you is the best way to enrich the Japanese society we live in. And where translators are passionate, businesses surely thrive!

8. Tech-backed hassle-free experience

We understand that tapping into language- and culturally-challenging markets like Japan can be quite daunting and overwhelming. At Frontier, we take the guesswork and hassle out of your global expansion! Our team has a culture of empowerment and ‘all hands on deck’ that uses the right expertise, native language skills and technology to cater to your needs.

9. Particular about the visual aspect

The presentation is as important as the content, especially in a country like Japan so particular about neatness and aesthetics. At Frontier, we make sure you get ready-to-use communications—be it a user manual, a website, a brochure, or a restaurant menu—, where fonts, colors, paragraph setting, page layout and graphics fit language standards while still maintaining your brand's essence.

10. Order with peace of mind

Had text translated before and the quality was poor, or the outcome so stiff and dull to serve a marketing purpose? We completely understand your fear for failure and that locking in a language provider right off-the-bat will only augment it. This is why, at Frontier, we want you to have a try before anything else. Send us a piece of content and we will prepare a customized sample of what we can offer you. And the guarantees do not stop here! If by any chance you find imperfections in our deliverables, we will make it right, free of charge, and regardless of how much time has passed since delivery. We are always guileless with our customers and extremely particular about their placing an order with full peace of mind.

  • Ask your questions to the right person


    A translation project is pretty much the same as building your own house: it takes shape after properly consulting an architect and having shared with them your lifestyle, needs and wishes. In the same way, experience has taught us that prior consultation is the best practice to make sure your requirements are met. There is no Japanese monolingual salesperson to greet you, but instead, a handful of multilingual experts will be more than happy to advise you and answer to all of your inquiries. We work on the frontline of our services—reason enough to be open and set straight our ‘cans’ and ‘cannots’.

    If you wish to consult us about your needs, please feel free to do so by filling out this contact form.

  • Questions? Suggestions? Always welcomed!

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