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We go above and beyond translation. We offer market research and consulting services, multilingual social networking, branding and digital marketing strategies and solutions. When language expertise calls, we are there!


    Technical Translation Services

    We combine native language proficiency, subject-matter expertise, hands-on technical writing, and customized QA technology to ensure that your technical communication is precise, accurate, concise, focused, easy to understand and useful to both technical and non-technical readers. We also have the computer literacy needed to handle a wide range of formats from Word to very complex FrameMaker and InDesign documents.


    Multilingual Web Content Solutions

    We translate and culturally appropriate websites directly in HTML code. Shorter time to publish, unnecessary costs savings, enhanced user experience-driven solutions. What’s more, our content experts put their web design skills, marketing and SEO strategies to work in boosting your search engine rankings and thus making your website a go-to destination. We can also build your website from scratch. Read more


    Multicultural Marketing Solutions

    We use the same user-driven approach as above in crafting your brochures, leaflets, catalogs and other marketing communications to be the steering wheel for your overseas business. We can accommodate InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator files, hence we also create both printable and digital contents from scratch.


    Legal, Financial and Certified Translations

    Would you be comfortable with your company’s financial reports, or meeting minutes, or your birth certificate and personal bank account statements running over the Internet between translation, proofreading and DTP suppliers dispersed around the globe? Neither would we! Frontier’s completely in-house business model fits perfectly with highly sensitive documents and personal data translation needs. We have the business acumen and local legislation knowledge to work on your confidential data while keeping it securely inside our closed doors.


    Software & App Localization Services

    We translate and localize software, mobile applications and games directly at source with scaling and operability in mind. Drawing on our customized QA algorithms, we are able to provide term and style consistency within and between software products, compliance with space and length restrictions, in-context narrative, and cultural appropriation. We have a built-in empathy for end users, which is why we delve deep into understanding how they will interact with your product for best user experience.


    Hospitality Content Marketing Solutions

    Internet is peppered with mistranslated food menus. There is no more relevant sensation of being lost in translation than not knowing what to order. Paradoxically, this affects more businesses than actual customers. At Frontier, we create multilingual food & drink menus that look and speak tasty to your target customers, from both bilingual and cross-cultural perspectives.


    Multimedia Localization Services

    We understand that addressing a foreign uncharted audience entails more than just serving them accurate translated content. Our native linguists and designers can create painstakingly wordsmithed contents with carefully selected locale-specific imagery—all from scratch.


    Multilingual Branding Services

    One of the most challenging tasks in bringing a product or service to a foreign market is coming up with a catchphrase, slogan or tagline as insightful and catchy as at the source. At Frontier, we dedicate to making your business a living brand in Japan through creative and authentic storytelling. Some of our ideas have already find their place in the market, and we would be more than happy to share our hands-on experience with you.


    Interpretation Services

    Need to overcome language barriers in real-time face-to-face business meetings or general medical situations? That is where we come in! Our bilingual staff fit best the demands for functional fluency in both ways (languages), high-level vocabulary and concentration that are specific to professional interpretation services. Need our expertise? Please consult us in advance as we can handle certain language pairs only.


    Research & Consulting Services

    ‘Would this product name do in Japan?’ ‘Is my business approach politically-correct here in Japan?’ ‘What do Japanese seek in a product?’ Our branding and digital marketing experts can use their consumer-facing eyes and local position to gather real-time market insights for product development, business expansion and branding strategies in Japan.

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    A translation project is pretty much the same as building your own house: it takes shape after properly consulting an architect and having shared with them your lifestyle, needs and wishes. In the same way, experience has taught us that prior consultation is the best practice to make sure your requirements are met. There is no Japanese monolingual salesperson to greet you, but instead, a handful of multilingual experts will be more than happy to advise you and answer to all of your inquiries. We work on the frontline of our services—reason enough to be open and set straight our ‘cans’ and ‘cannots’.

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