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Still struggling with copy and paste, and interminable corrections in translating website content?
It’s time to take your time back! We can help you put an end to these unproductive practices.

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One-stop solutions

  • We format, translate, localize, optimize, test, and care

  • A website is a complex mix of text and coding languages such as HTML. Website translation and localization can be a real hassle with old-school vendors. Because the conventional way has you fully soaked in the process: you have to extract the content for translation, flow translated copy back into your layout making sure you don’t piece the text together incorrectly, then cut it to fit space, optimize content for search engines, and so on.

    Not with us! At Frontier, we’re in for the whole run! If you’ve already published your website, just tell us the URL address and lean back in your chair, stress free, hassle free. We’ll do the rest.

Quick turnarounds

  • Streamlined process for shorter turnarounds

  • Translating a website typically calls for a combination of tasks, and it is precisely their back and forths what puts off publishing: 4 days to extract text from all pages and embedded images, 3 days for translators to identify text functionality, 14 days for actual translation, 5 days to copy the translated text back into HTML format and arrange layout, 3 days for final reviews. That is a whole month spent more on collaterals than focusing on the main translation task.

    Not with us! At Frontier, we approach website translation directly in HTML code, skipping all unnecessary tasks. You get your multilingual copy ready to publish in less than half the time our peers take. This means faster reaching out to prospects, more business chances to seize.

Sensitive to SEO

  • We make your website ‘searchable’ in any language

  • A website finally serves its purpose when accessed. But for this to happen, it has to rank high in search engine results. And here is where SEO strategies pop up in the equation. Let’s take, for instance, the ‘alt’ tag in HTML code that describes images on your website. The alt text is usually loaded with keywords for search engines, but hidden on the actual page view, which is why it can easily pass unobserved when extracting the content for translation manually. Leaving this part untranslated is just one of the pitfalls of having your website translated the old-fashioned way.

    Not with us! At Frontier, we take a holistic approach to website localization. We don’t just localize your page content:

    • we make sure all undisplayed meta tags crucial for search engines are duly translated
    • we adapt content to user intent based on search behavior outlined by our native speakers
    • we integrate relevant keywords carefully selected through exhaustive local web researches

    Your content will speak effectively not only to users, but also to search engines.

Complimentary aftercare

Continuous discounts

With us, you get two assets in one order:

  • your translated web content
  • a translation memory to leverage in future orders (like when you need to update or add new pages to your website)

A translation memory is the quintessential pay-off for your entrusting us with your language needs. We are talking basically about a database piled up with your translated content that retrieves our past translations matching exactly new text, on the fly. This is not machine translation, but a tool put to good use where human memory inherently comes up short.

Translation memories can improve the quality, speed, and consistency of your content, and even reduce costs considerably. And as any other database, it keeps growing bigger as we feed it content we translate. The bigger the memory the less new content to translate, the lower the price you’ll pay.

Free native consulting

At Frontier, we take the time to listen and learn about your business and where you want to take it. Our advice goes beyond professional knowledge: it’s a true native’s advice drawn on first-hand insights into the dynamics of your target country.

Should there be any questions, concerns or anything left unclear before placing your order, feel free to contact us anytime. Use this unique opportunity of being able to speak directly with professional translators, not middlemen project managers.

Free fixing anytime

If any imperfections found, reach out at your convenience, regardless of the time passed since delivery. We will correct them immediately and, of course, free of charge. Also, please rest assured that your feedback will have the due impact on future deliverables, as we are fully committed to service improvement.

The benefits of choosing our know-how

  • Tech-backed human translation

    Our workflow is designed with publishing in mind and enables more in-depth contextualization to that end. We use computer-aided translation (CAT) tools to navigate directly and effectively through the HTML file code when translating your website, and then convert our translation back to HTML with no loss of data.

  • QA on the fly

    At Frontier, we anticipate problems before they arise! Human translators draw on their intuition and hands-on experience to serve in customized QA algorithms searching for everything from ‘gotchas’ in complying with customer in-house style guide and termbases to messes in spelling, punctuation, style, or numbers and other non-translatable elements.

  • All experts on board

    Productivity spurs when the entire translation workflow is straightforward and in one place. At Frontier, our wordsmith expertise and computer literacy combined allow us to get your website localized in no time, in-house, in one stop.

In-house web design & development

Closely supervised by Web designer

Once translated, your copy is closely checked for compliance with original design, as well as tested for usability by our web designer fully committed to enhancing visitor experience on your website.


The way Frontier manages content saves us time and money otherwise spent on irrelevant operations, such as copying website contents to a Word file. We are also satisfied with their quality.

Website developer - corporate website

It’s amazing how much time is saved by having content translated directly in HTML code! Thanks to you folks, I get to focus now on so many other projects than before, when I had to work extra hours just to amend defective copies again and again.

Website developer - blog

We used to be two-three steps behind with our multilingual content update; we also struggled with inconsistent usage of our key brand terms. But Frontier helped us pass these challenges with flying colors. Not only they are fast, but also precise, a good value for the money.

Retailer - E-commerce site

All good, but how much will it cost me?

To work out an accurate price quote all you need to do is fill out the request form with your name, email address and request details, and attach the file you need translated. No annoying phone calls, no unsolicited visits—we only reach out through email.

Please note, however, that all requests are done 100% in house by a select few professionals, so we can easily get fully booked. We recommend you place your request at your earliest convenience.

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